Q: What can I expect at my first visit?

A: Your first visit will be approximately 55 minutes long with an additional 15 minutes beforehand to complete necessary paperwork including consents/symptom checklists/medical releases/demographic info/health history. We will then spend the majority of the session building our therapeutic relationship and gathering additional life/family history. In addition, we review the presenting problem and explore your expectations for the work that you see us doing together. This is the time to see if we are a good fit for each other. Lastly, we may make necessary outside referrals to primary care physicians or other professionals as needed. Please bring your photo identification and a copy of your insurance card. Some people find it helpful to bring a list of current medications and names/phone numbers of past/present medical/mental health providers.


Q: How much will Counseling cost and will my Insurance pay?

A: We are proud to be an IN NETWORK provider for several insurance plans and we will submit insurance claims for you. Most Insurance plans do have counseling benefits and do pay for a significant portion of the cost; however you are responsible for meeting your insurance deductible and paying co pays at the time of service. If you decide to forgo using health insurance we offer a (cash) rate and accept cash/check/credit card payments. We also will provide you with documentation for HSA reimbursement. Lastly, there are a limited number of sliding scale slots semi annually and this can be discussed during your phone consultation. Insurances we accept are: AETNA, CareSource, CIGNA, Medical Mutual, Mutual Heath Services, Summa Care, United Health/OPTUM


Q: Who decides how long the counseling will last?

A: You and your counselor together will decide how often to come and for what length of time. This is often done at the 2nd session which is called the treatment planning session. The treatment process varies and is designed to meet your specific needs. Each situation is unique and varying treatment options also provide outcomes in different timeframes. Our general recommendation is to expect a minimum of 3-6 sessions for problem resolution, but some people find long term treatment most beneficial. If you are using your medical insurance, this may limit how many sessions are allowed as well as the duration of each session.


Q: What is a Co-Parenting Session?

A: The Co-Parenting Session is when (biological) separated/divorced parents attend structured sessions with the goal of keeping their relationship/divorce issues from parenting issues. This improves communication and the best interest of the child is served.



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