One on one sessions with a licensed therapist are instrumental in identifying and working through different personal issues and life stressors. You can be guaranteed confidentiality and a collaborative effort in defining and acheiving your and or your child ‘s goals as well as in designing a specifically tailored plan to get there.



Couples or entire families can participate together to reach a common goal and break unhealthy patterns of relating through ”talk therapy”, parent education, relationship coaching and experimental communication/attachment and bonding exercises in the session.



Group sessions enable children, adolescents or adults who have similar issues to gain insight, to communicate/share thoughts/feelings and to learn/practice coping skills under the guidance of a licensed therapist.



Classes and workshop may be offered as a suppliment to traditional counseling services,but are also made available to the general public.These are informative and or/creative services with a wellness and personal growth perspective.Facilitators may or may not be licensed mental health Professionals.Classes/workshops are held in our office orin the community as arranged.The classes and workshops often include art,drama,music,yoga and guided imagery.



Veronica can be available to speak on a variety of topics including but not limited to those listed at the right.


By carrying out an in-depth phone consultation , we can determine together if our providers and service options are a “good fit” for you. We can then schedule the first hour long session session which is referred to as a Diagnostic Assessment. You can find many of your other questions regarding the counseling process/fees/location or our practice throughout our pages.

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